HortiPlexWhat is HortiPlex?

This page is meant to help explain the purpose behind the HortiPlex database.

It is our aim to make HortiPlex a nexus of useful plant information on the Web. The Internet contains copious amounts of data--about obscure grunge bands, about the theme songs to the sitcoms of yesteryear, and yes, even about plants. But searching the term "lily" at a general search site is as likely to bring up links to a cutting-edge rock star as a plant of the genus Lilium. By organizing HortiPlex around plant names, and carefully selecting the sites we link to, we hope to make it easy to find relevant information about plants without having to sift through a lot of chaff.

HortiPlex also makes it easy for users to share their experiences, opinions and images of the plants they grow, as hundreds are already doing. In fact, in some ways this is the core of HortiPlex, as it is not the product of a large corporation, but an integral part of the GardenWeb community. It's the members of GardenWeb who, through their energy, ideas and wealth of knowledge, have made HortiPlex possible.

HortiPlex will never be finished. It is designed to be infinitely extendible. In the future, we plan to add plant patent links, links to botanical garden collections, pronunciation guides, and ever greater numbers of plant listings, images and links.

To see how it works, try searching for a familiar plant, like that old-time favorite, Rudbeckia hirta.

If you are writing about HortiPlex, we have made these images available to help illustrate your piece:

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(Rudbeckia hirta)
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If you have questions, please visit the Help Page, or send us a note.

Thanks for stopping by!

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