HortiPlexHortiPlex: How to Add Comments and/or Images

This page is meant to help explain how members can add their comments and/or images to the HortiPlex plant database.

Once uploaded, these entries will be viewable within the member's personal journal, as well as the database listings for each individual plant.

Please read this page carefully!

To add your comments and/or image, you must be a GardenWeb member and be logged in.

Find the Correct Plant
Locate your plant within HortiPlex via the search form.

It is very important that you locate the exact plant! For example, if your plant is a particular species, such as Hemerocallis citrina, you want to find that particular record. If it is a named variety, such as Hemerocallis 'Arabian Magic', you want to find that particular record. For more information on the naming of plants, please see the general help page.

If your plant isn't in the database yet, please submit it to us and we will add it as quickly as possible.

Follow the Link
On the search results page, you will see a link next to each plant name to add your comments and/or image. This will take you to a form for your journal entry for this particular plant. You do not need to upload an image to add your comments. Further instructions are provided on the form page.

Thank you for sharing!

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