HortiPlexHortiPlex: Submitting Links

The following is an explanation of the procedures used in choosing links for inclusion in the HortiPlex database.

If you would like links to your Web site included, please read this page carefully.

Acceptable Sources

Academic and Non-Profit Groups
This would include databases, or pages, of information, images, collection data, etc., at publicly available Web sites operated by universities, plant societies or botanical gardens.

Advertising Vendors
Companies wishing to have plants, and/or seeds, from their online catalog listed must be advertisers at GardenWeb or its associated sites.

Personal and Hobby Sites
Personal Web pages and hobby sites will be considered depending on the qualitiy and uniqueness of information they offer.

Other Commercial Databases
Other commercial plant databases will generally not be considered unless they provide some compelling component that is unavailable elsewhere.

In all cases, selections are made at our editors' sole discretion.

Link Submission

All submissions can be made via email and should include the following in the body of the message:

  • Your name and contact information.

  • The name of your organization/company.

  • A brief description of what's available at your site.

  • The URL of your Web site.
The individual links should be:

  • Listed within your email message, or, in a data file attatchment in simple text format (.txt), as used by Window's NotePad utility. If you created your data file in MS Word or another word processor, save it in ASCII text format.

  • Each link item should be listed on a separate line.

  • Each link item must include the following three pieces of information separated by a <TAB>:

    1. Our reference number for that plant (e.g., gw100001) which can be located in the Nomenclature Database.

    2. The URL of the page at your site containing the info/image for this link (you can leave off any part of the URL that as common to all the links, just indicate this in the body of your message.)

    3. One or more codes denoting what your site has on this plant:
      b = botanical information.
      i = image.
      s = seeds for sale.
      p = plants for sale.

Examples of Link Lists

gw1011210        http://www.mysite.org/plants/123.html        bi
gw1011204        http://www.mysite.org/plants/167.html        b
gw1011239        http://www.mysite.org/plants/233.html        bi


gw1024955        /plants/magg.html        p

Email your submissions or questions to us using our form.

Submissions ignoring these guidelines will be likewise ignored.

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