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Lagenaria siceraria

   by G-Thumb
Hemerocallis 'Lacey Snowflake'

   by Sandi_M
Grewia asiatica

   by moh2013
Clematis 'Mrs Cholmondeley'

   by Talitha1031
Passiflora edulis

   by SWABA
Asclepias curassavica

   by lovejoymar
Rosa 'Heritage'

   by twinkletoad
Hibiscus syriacus

   by valkeri1971
Hosta 'Gold Standard'

   by chrizty
Cucumis sativus

   by qibu
Hyacinthoides hispanica

   by akimbo1
Salvia darcyi

   by rich_sj
Rosa 'Denver's Dream'

   by UsagiChan
Acer barbatum

   by Kranberriz6
Solanum capsicastrum

   by SophieMarie
Dieffenbachia seguine

   by slickrick2003

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