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Actinidia arguta

tara vine; bower actinida; yang-tao

Species Record #: gw1000553

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Botanical Information:

Genus: Actinidia

Family: Actinidiaceae

Author: (Sieb. & Zucc.) Planch. ex Miq.

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Actinidia arguta
   by alitin
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Hardy Kiwi (actinidia arguta) is grown from Texas to Canada and is tolerant of temperatures ranging from -20F to 110F. It needs good, loamy soil and lots of water, especially in hot weather. It is vining and can reach 100 feet in length. So a trellis of some kind is needed. Cattle panels arched over kiwi beds work well. It takes one male plant to every 10 female plant...

    by oklahomabarry

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