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Alstroemeria aurea
 by Barry Glick: SF&G
Alstroemeria aurea

golden lily-of-the-Incas; golden Peruvian lily; St. Martin's flower

Species Record #: gw1001414

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Botanical Information:

Genus: Alstroemeria

Family: Alstroemeriaceae

Author: Graham.

Synonyms: Alstroemeria aurantiaca

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Alstroemeria aurea
   by Herbert_
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This is the pesky take-over alstroemeria in a neglected bed. Hard to start but hard to get rid of too. Nice bright flowers, does not need a lot of sun, gets nearly 3 feet tall. The downside: after blooming in June, the plants die back completely, leaving untidy yellow foliage and empty spots in the border. The pink and white garden cultivars are not so agressive.

    by Nora_in_Vancouver

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