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Cornus stolonifera

redosier dogwood; red osier dogwood; red twig dogwood; red dogwood

Species Record #: gw1011235

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Botanical Information:

Genus: Cornus

Family: Cornaceae

Author: Michx.

Synonyms: Cornus alba var. baileyi; Cornus alba var. interior; Cornus alba ssp. stolonifera; Cornus baileyi; Cornus instolonea; Cornus interior; Cornus sericea var. interior; Cornus sericea ssp. stolonifera; Cornus stolonifera; Cornus stolonifera var. baileyi; Cornus sericea; Swida instolonea; Swida stolonifera

What do these terms mean?

Cornus stolonifera
   by Nora_in_Vancouver
Native and widespread in Alberta. Tolerates wet soil, found near streams and rivers. The white fruit (in August) is bitter, but edible. Only the young twigs show the red colour, older stems become greyish. Leaves are red in fall, another bonus.

    by Nora_in_Vancouver

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