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Fraxinus americana

white ash

Species Record #: gw1017487

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Botanical Information:

Genus: Fraxinus

Family: Oleaceae

Author: L.

Synonyms: Fraxinus americana var. biltmoreana; Fraxinus americana var. crassifolia; Fraxinus americana var. curtissii; Fraxinus americana var. juglandifolia; Fraxinus americana var. microcarpa; Fraxinus biltmoreana

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Fraxinus americana
   by oksanakazan
I love that tree - "Autumn Purple". It has rapid growth that tolerates moist conditions. Great as a street or lawn tree. Oval in shape. Deep green foliage in spring, turning deep purple in the fall.Discovered at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, by Karl Junginger (1905-1991) of McKay nursery, Waterloo, WI. Introduced in 1956.

    by oksanakazan

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