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Lantana camara

South American lantana; tropical shrub verbena

Species Record #: gw1021869

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Botanical Information:

Genus: Lantana

Family: Verbenaceae

Author: L.

Synonyms: Lantana aculeata; Lantana camara var. aculeata; Lantana camara var. flava; Lantana camara var. hybrida; Lantana camara var. mista; Lantana camara var. mutabilis; Lantana camara var. nivea; Lantana camara var. sanguinea; Lantana tiliifolia auct. non; Lantana urticifolia; Lantana horrida; Lantana hispida

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Lantana camara
   by cloudia
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I first saw this plant on PBS and decided I would plant along an area that has a natural water source. I live on a barrier Island off the coast off NC. Water for plants was my main concern and this plant offers both low maintence and water. I use my A/C condensate line to water my garden by using only the top half of the water, letting any residual to drop to the bot...

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