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Washingtonia robusta

Washington fan palm; Mexican washingtonia; southern washingtonia; thread palm

Species Record #: gw1042429

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Botanical Information:

Genus: Washingtonia

Family: Palmae

Author: H. Wendl.

Synonyms: Washingtonia gracilis; Washingtonia sonorae

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Washingtonia robusta
   by Herbert_
A classic for California. Grows along freeways to 100' high! They say there still growing, so nobody knows there ultimate height. The first in the U.S. planted at the Los Angeles County Arboretum 100+ years ago on the natural springfed pond. Famous scene, seen on "Fantasy Island", the palms in the background on the water with the little dead guy yelling, "Boss, it's t...

    by LApalmsCAL    more remarks...

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