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The following is a list of sources for links provided by the HortiPlex plant database.

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ALCJR Enterprises
Mailorder source of Tillandsia.   [see listings]

Alchemy Works Seeds & Herbs
Mailorder source of seeds, herbs, and plant resins traditionally used in Earth-based spirituality and magick.   [see listings]

American Dahlia Society: Handbook of Dahlias Images
Images from the ADS's Handbook of Dahlias and classification guide.   [see listings]

American Dahlia Society: Handbook of Dahlias
The ADS's Handbook of Dahlias and classification guide.   [see listings]

American Meadows
Mailorder source for wildflower seeds.   [see listings]

Angelgrove Tree Seed Company
Mailorder source for tree seeds.   [see listings]

Ani Direct Seeds
Mailorder source of seeds.   [see listings]

Bamboo Plantation
Mailorder/retail source of bamboo and subtropical plants.   [see listings]

Brushwood Nursery
Mailorder source of clematis, climbing roses, passion flowers and other vines.   [see listings]

CalPhotos: Plants
21,660 photos, mostly California plants, from Brousseau, the Cal. Academy, and others.   [see listings]

The Carnivorous Plant FAQ
This site, maintained by Barry Meyers-Rice, covers the ecology, cultivation, conservation, and taxonomy of carnivorous plants.   [see listings]

Clematis on the Web
This site, hosted by the Univeristy of Hull, provides information on over 1100 clematis varieties, as well as over 1000 photographs.   [see listings]

Clemson University Home and Garden Information Center
This site provides information on Southern home gardening, landscaping, and pest control.   [see listings]

Countryside Roses
Mailorder source of roses.   [see listings]

Deatriste Seeds
Mailorder source for flower, vegetable, tree, herb and other seeds.   [see listings]

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Conservatory - U Conn
This site contains images and information on the plants maintainted in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Greenhouse.   [see listings]

Eminence Meadows
Mailorder source for hosta, heuchera, daylilly and rare perennials.   [see listings]

Fragrant Garden Nursery
Mailorder source for sweet pea seeds.   [see listings]

Mailorder source for perennial and annual flower seeds.   [see listings]

The Ginkgo Pages
Cor Kwant's site devoted to the tree Ginkgo biloba.   [see listings]

Guide to Poisonous Plants
A database of information and images on poisonous plants created by Dr. A. P. Knight and hosted at Colorado Satae University.   [see listings]

Hawaii Orchids
Mailorder source of orchids.   [see listings]

Home Citrus Growers
These pages created by Michael Saalfeld provide information and advice for non-commercial Citrus growers, with the emphasis on the UK.   [see listings]

Hydrangeas Plus
Mailorder source of a wide variety of hydrangeas.   [see listings]

International Hibiscus Society
The IHS is a membership organization focusing primarily on the tropical hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis.   [see listings]

Iris Sisters Farm
Mailorder source of irises.   [see listings]

Jmbamboo Bamboo Nursery
Mailorder source specializing in cold hardy bamboo.   [see listings]

Kansas Wildflowers & Grasses
Mike Haddock's site featuring his photos, hosted at Kansas State University.   [see listings]

Koopowitz: An annotated check-list of the genus Paphiopedilum
A list of Paphiopedilum species names and some of their most common synonyms by Harold Koopowitz.   [see listings]

Mailorder source of perennials--mainly hostas and daylilies.   [see listings]

The Lavatera Pages
Stewart Robert Hinsley's site devoted to the genus Lavatera, the tree mallows.   [see listings]

Lewis Bamboo Groves
Mailorder source specializing in cold hardy bamboo.   [see listings]

MOBOT: Köhler's Medizinal Pflanzen
This site maintained by the Missouri Botanical Garden features almost 300 images from Hermann A. Köhler's magnum opus, Medizinal Pflanzen, published in 1887.   [see listings]

Neem Tree Farms
Mailorder source of neem and aloe vera products.   [see listings]

New Jersey Agricultural Weed Gallery
This site, from Rutgers Cooperative Extension, provides images of weeds common to New Jersey.   [see listings]

New Mexico Rare Plants
Descriptiveinformation, distributions, images and drawings of the rare plants of New Mexico.   [see listings]

NewMoon Organics
Mailorder source of seeds and plants.   [see listings]

No Thyme Productions
Mailorder source of herb, flower and vegetable seeds and plants.   [see listings]

Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery
This site features some 2400 photographs of more than 600 species of grasses, forbs, and woody plants found in the southern Great Plains.   [see listings]

Ohio State University Plant Dictionary
A searchable database of 3,878 high quality images and horticultural descriptions for hundreds of unique species and cultivars.   [see listings]

Online store specializing in grass, pasture, garden flower, wild flower, and ornamental grass seed.   [see listings]

Papayas and Friends
Mailorder source of hot pepper, angel's trumpets, white marigold and papaya seeds.   [see listings]

Pennard Plants
Retail and mailorder source of a perennials located in the UK.   [see listings]

Peter Pauls Nurseries
Mailorder source of carnivorous plants.   [see listings]

Plant Viruses Online
Plant Viruses Online: Descriptions and Lists from the VIDE Database   [see listings]

A site for information about plants native to southern Africa, sponsored by National Botanical Institute of South Africa.   [see listings]

Plants For A Future
Plants for a Future is a resource centre for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses.   [see listings]

The Platycerium Site
A site devoted to the genus Platycerium, the staghorn ferns and their cousins, created and maintained by Louwrens Opperman and Roy Vail.   [see listings]

Project Runeberg: Lindman's Bilder ur Nordens Flora
This site maintained by Project Runeberg features over 600 images from C. A. M. Lindman's magnum opus, Bilder ur Nordens Flora, published in 1917-1926.   [see listings]

Purdue University NewCROP
NewCROP (New Crops Resource Online Program) is an information-rich site related to crop plants. It is a project of the Purdue University Center for New Crops and Plant Products and is associated with the New Crop Diversification project and the Jefferson Institute.   [see listings]

Purple Loosestrife Cautions and Alternatives
Amy Sundari Finlay has provided a information about the problems purple loosestrife has cuased and a list of alternatives for use in the garden.   [see listings]

Rock Garden Plants Database
This site contains information and images on plants used in rock gardens.   [see listings]

TAMU-BWG: Vascular Plant Images
A collection of more than 10,000 images maintained by Texas A&M's Bioinformatics Working Group.   [see listings]

Tiny Petals Nursery
Mailorder source of miniature roses.   [see listings]

U.S.D.A. PLANTS Database
This database provides a range of information and links for vascular plants native to the U.S. and is hosted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.   [see listings]

Virtual Cycad Encyclopedia
This site, created and maintained by the Palm & Cycad Societies of Florida, provides a wealth of information and images on cycads.   [see listings]

Virtual Palm Encyclopedia
This site, created and maintained by the Palm & Cycad Societies of Florida, provides a wealth of information and images on palms.   [see listings]

Wet Spot Aquatics
Mailorder source of aquatic plants: hardy & tropical marginals/bog and water lilies.   [see listings]

White Oak Nursery
Mailorder source of hostas.   [see listings]

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